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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Medicare cover my compression garments?


Medicare only covers compression garments when a patient has an “active, open” wound and is currently treated by a physician. For all other diagnosis’ Medicare does not cover compression garments. Custom Care Solutions is not considered in network with Medicare since they do not cover compression garments for Lymphedema. If the Lymphedema Treatment Act is passed by congress it will create a benefit category so that Medicare will pay for compression garments for patients with Lymphedema. To learn more about this federal bill go to



What if my compression garments do not fit?​


Custom Care Solutions works with patients and therapists to achieve an accurate fit. If your compression garments do not fit within the first 7-10 days please contact Custom Care Solutions or your therapist. Each manufacturer has warranty timeframes and we want to be sure we can request replacement garments before the warranty expires.



Does Custom Care Solutions have compression garments in stock?​


Custom Care Solutions only keeps sample garments in stock for patients to view during appointments. Compression garments can take between 10-14 days to receive once the order is placed. Sometimes custom garments can take longer if they are coming from outside the country.



How often should compression garments be replaced? ​


Most compression garments should be replaced every 4-6 months, depending on usage. Nocturnal garments are generally replaced annually.



Can I use lotion when I wear compression garments?​


Lotions can be used when wearing compression garments but some experience sensitivity when using scented lotions. Consult your therapist or treating physician for their hypoallergenic lotion recommendations.

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